afex male incontinence system Core Starter kit
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The Afex® Active Core Starter kit includes everything you need to start using Afex® for daytime application. It includes a high-performance alternative to full briefs for enhanced comfort, day and night. The Afex® Core Supporter's specially designed athletic styling offers:

  • Minimalistic profile to trap less body heat
  • Athletic performance waistband elastic
  • Comfort soft supporting straps
  • Better close-to-body receptacle support
  • Significantly reduces accidental pop out
  • Better performance for occasional retraction
  • Low rise to better fit multiple body shapes
  • Easier to use for caregiver assistance

For ultimate stay in the receptacle security and support, choose the Core Starter kit featuring the Core Supporter. The active daytime kit includes the A200CS Core Supporter, A300H High Style Receptacle, A400B standard direct-connect bag, a 4oz trial size cleanser, and a cleaning container.

Accessory Re-order Requirements: The Core Supporter must be used with either the A300H High Style Receptacle (recommended) OR a vented A400V, A400L, or A400X collection bag to allow for air release if you use A300L Low Style Receptacle instead.

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Afex Active Core Starter Kit

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