afex male incontinence system value pack alternative to condom catheters or adult disposable briefs
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The Expanded Value Pack contains everything you need to begin using Afex regularly´╗┐. It includes:

  • 2 briefs - sports active style
  • 2 receptacles
  • 5 standard collection bags
  • 2 16oz bottles of liquid cleanser concentrate
  • 1 cleaning container
  • plus an instructional DVD by request

Retail value if you purchase items separately is $359.40. Save over 35% by purchasing the Expanded Value Pack. Please specify your brief waist size and select either a low style or high style or one of each type of receptacle. Low style receptacle is recommended for more sedentary or mobility assisted use.´╗┐ High style receptacle is recommended for more active daytime and night time use.

  • Item #: A150SO

Afex Active Expanded Value Pack

Price: $229.99
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