BFE 95%+ 3-Ply General Procedural Mask
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Here is information on how you can make your own homemade mask. Homemade masks, while better than nothing, will not be NIOSH N95 rated either unless you somehow acquire N95 filter nonwoven textiles and materials to make your own mask. Here is the link:

Pre-made Disposable Masks:

General purpose, 3-ply, ear-looped procedural mask. These masks are general procedural masks and are not NIOSH N95 rated. D

Due to healthcare provider and first responder needs, all orders will be evaluated for preference to hospitals and healthcare centers and providers. If supplies cannot be shipped to individuals from our facility within 10 business days, a full refund will be given.

  • 3-Ply protection
  • General purpose procedural masks
  • 50 individual masks per pack (poly-bag)



  • Item #: YSM-GP95

Disposable Face Masks (Box of 50)

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